Honey-Mustard Chicken  
Honey-mustard chicken is a simple dish I cook sometimes. It's not hard to prepare and will make your kids or your girlfriends happy and....... they may love you more as a result :D
DSC00795.JPG  ./download/file.php?id=1220&sid=f161a09955f61c31817cae30deed3997  ./download/file.php?id=1220&t=1&sid=f161a09955f61c31817cae30deed3997
First cut two medium-sized paprikas (bell peppers) — try to make the size of each piece about 4 cm by 4 cm.

DSC00797.JPG  ./download/file.php?id=1222&sid=f161a09955f61c31817cae30deed3997  ./download/file.php?id=1222&t=1&sid=f161a09955f61c31817cae30deed3997
Also cut 5-6 medium-sized mushrooms as shown (I like to cut each mushroom in only 3 parts).

Put the paprikas and the mushrooms in a frying pan and pour some extra virgin olive oil on them. Spray them with some salt as well.

Squeeze the juice out of two lemons, and poor the juice in a second stainless steel frying pan. Then add some chicken breast (250 gr): the size of each piece of chicken should be about 4 cm by 4 cm.

Set the stove fire intensity to the minimum setting for both frying pans and cover up the frying pan containing the mushrooms and the paprikas.

While the chicken breast, the paprikas, and the mushrooms are cooking, prepare the honey mustard sauce. Take a tea cup, and add some american yellow mustard in it as shown.

Also add some french-style "moutarde a l'ancienne" on top of the american yellow mustard — one part French for one part american. If some moutarde a l'ancienne can not be found, use some Dijon mustard instead.

Add some mixed blossom honey as shown.

And add a couple of drops of soya sauce — go easy on the soya, too much will make the dish too salty. Then mix together well using a fork.
After frying the mushrooms and the paprikas, add the cooked chicken breast. Then add the honey-mustard sauce, stir, cover-up, and set the heat to the lowest setting.

From now, keep the cover off, and keep stirring at low heat until the sauce becomes thick.

Serve in a plate... et voila!

A beverage that complements well this dish is a cider. You can find this brand at the NC department store on the Pusan National University campus.

Bon Appetit :)
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