Maple-Glazed Salmon & Broccoli  
Maple-Glazed Salmon and Broccoli is a meal that is easy to prepare (it takes about 30 minutes) and tastes good enough you'll forget you're actually eating broccoli. Not only is this quite good for the physical health (both broccoli and salmon are healthy) but its great taste may also be good for the “psychological health” — your kids or sweetheart(s) tastebuds will be satisfied and they will reciprocate by loving you more... Maybe.

First start with two medium sized broccoli heads as shown.

Cut out the broccoli in cute small pieces. You can dispose of the truncs and leaves (on the right), because they won't be needed.
Squeeze 2 (or 2.5) medium-sized lemons in a tea cup as shown, and remove the seeds. The lemons we get in Busan are Sunkist lemons from California (we can thank the Korea-US FTA for that).

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Add about 50 ml of pure maple syrup — you can find this brand (Nokomis from Canada) at the Kim's club on the Pusan National University campus.

Add about 50 ml of soya sauce and mix together using a fork.
Put 4 pieces of Salmon filet in a pan (300 grams total), add the chopped broccolis, and pour the maple-lemon sauce over.

Cover up the pan, and set the heat to the lowest setting.

Once the liquid starts boiling, turn the salmon filet and move the broccolis around every 3 or 4 minutes, but always keep the pan covered meanwhile.
After 15 minutes of boiling, move the broccolis to another pan (on the right). Set the heat intensity to the lowest setting for both pans. From now, keep the left pan with the salmon filets uncovered.

Spray the broccolis with a bit of salt.
Spray the salted broccolis with some sparkling white wine. I like the Goretti Moscato 6.5%, which you can find in the NC department store near the main gate of Pusan National University — if this brand can not be found, opt instead for a sweet white wine with a low alcohol percentage.

When the wine is boiling, cover up the broccolis and let the wine flavor penetrate them. During this time, turn frequently the salmon filet until the maple-lemon sauce becomes thick.
After 3-5 minutes, remove the cover and continue to cook the broccolis until all the wine evaporates.

Separate the salmon filets and the broccolis in two plates and give the cutest broccolis and salmon filets to your sweetheart and keep the not-so-cute ones for you — she (or he) will appreciate ^^

Broccoli never tasted so good ;)

Bon appetit!
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