Through the years  
On my fifth birthday on November 6th, 1978. I had blond hair! They turned brown when I was 7 years old or so.

1978-christmas.jpg  ./download/file.php?id=1013&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234  ./download/file.php?id=1013&t=1&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234
December 25th, 1978, with my mom and younger brother Michel. The good old times.. when I was getting many gifts on Christmas day.

1981-halloween.jpg  ./download/file.php?id=1014&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234  ./download/file.php?id=1014&t=1&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234
Halloween night, October 31st, 1981. I'm the pirate, and Michel is supposed to be a lion.

1982-nouveaubrunswick.jpg  ./download/file.php?id=1015&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234  ./download/file.php?id=1015&t=1&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234
Riding my motocross bicycle with Michel at the front. New-Brunswick, Canada, summer 1982.

1988-washington-july.jpg  ./download/file.php?id=1016&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234  ./download/file.php?id=1016&t=1&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234
With my parents in front of the White House, Washington DC, July 1988.

The first time I took the airplane in December 1989. I was 16. The aircraft is just about to takeoff from Fort Lauderdale.
Starting my night shift at Petro-Canada. Picture taken in 1992.
1994-salerno-kanambi.png     me.jpg    
Three graduate students from the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies: Darien Sussman, myself, and Giovanni Fusina. Toronto, 1997.
Walking in Myeong-dong, Seoul, 1998.

A old Korean man is teaching me how to use the swing correctly. Near Suwon, Korea, 1998.

Korean folk village. Near Suwon, Korea, 1998.

1998-soraksan.jpg  ./download/file.php?id=1002&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234  ./download/file.php?id=1002&t=1&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234
Buddhist temple in Sorak-san, Korea, 1998.
Canoeing on the thousand islands river, Montreal, 1999.
First presentation at an international conference — the 10th International Space Planes and Hypersonic Technologies Conference, in April 2001, Kyoto Japan.

I travelled around Kyoto a bit after the conference was over. Here's myself with an “Artistic pose” leaning on a tree alongside the Philosopher's Path.
2005-may-wycliff.jpg  ./download/file.php?id=945&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234  ./download/file.php?id=945&t=1&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234
Wycliff college, Toronto, May 2005.
2006-minakami-rafting.jpg  ./download/file.php?id=946&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234  ./download/file.php?id=946&t=1&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234
Rafting in Minakami, Japan with prof. Nobuhiro Harada and his graduate students. Spring 2006. I am the visible minority ;)
Taejeongdae park, Busan, November 2009.

2012-babies.jpg  ./download/file.php?id=950&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234  ./download/file.php?id=950&t=1&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234
Me, Virginie, and Maryse watching some cartoons on the TV, February 2012. My highschool friend Phil Jawich came to visit Busan for one week with his two babies and wife Anne-Sophie Odeau. Virginie and Maryse were adorable but much more time consuming than I expected ;)
In my office, Pusan National University, Busan, April 2013.
2013-officeseated.jpg  ./download/file.php?id=1000&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234  ./download/file.php?id=1000&t=1&sid=c6c99ab00bad11871346ad7956a5f234
In my office, Pusan National University, Busan, April 2013.

me %281%29.jpg
Preparing a meal in my Daewoo Purugio apartment, Busan, July 2013.
Having a tea in a traditional tea house, Insadong, Seoul, October 2013.
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