My Korean Apartment in Busan (2.25.2010 — 1.1.2012)  
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My apartment in the SK Hub Sky in Dongnae — a view of the dining room and kitchen.

I moved recently to a new apartment in Dongnae and am quite pleased with it. The apartment has an interior living space of 120 square meters, is located on the 48th floor, and every room has a large window facing south with a nice view of the city, the nearby mountains, and even the sea in the distance. The rent here is 800,000 won per month along with a 70 million won fully-refundable deposit.

What makes Korean apartments special is the heating system. Every house or apartment in Korea has a floor heating system called “ondol”. It consists of hot water circulating through pipes embedded within the floor concrete. In this apartment, the temperature of the water coming out of the natural gas heater as well as the temperature within each room are independently controlled through an electronic system. Those who have experienced the “ondol” floor heating can attest of its superior comfort during the winter months: the air is not overheated and there is no need to wear wool socks to be comfortable indoors.

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A view of the den, with the two tables being of traditional Korean style. I found one at the Hanyang plaza for 550,000 won and the other at a store within the Jangjeon-dong subway station for 350,000 won. I am particularly fond of the style and color and am looking these days for a traditional Korean lantern to complement the two tables.

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A view of the living room.

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Near the main window in the living room. The book on the table is “Guns, Germs, and Steel” by Diamond — a captivating summary of what happened on the 5 continents (and why it happened) over the last 10,000 years.
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