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The Secret Structure of Great Talks
How to present effectively a new idea and make the audience believe in it is the topic of this TED talk by Nancy Duarte:
Nancy Duarte analyzes famous talks given by Steve Jobs and Martin Luther King and explains why they were great: how the new concept is presented counts as much if not more than the concept itself. A 18-minute video worth listening to before going to a conference or defending your PhD thesis.
Humidity and Heat Index
For equal air temperature, more water vapor in the air will lead to less evaporative cooling on the skin surface, and the hotter we feel. Hence why air at a temperature of 49C and 0% relative humidity is not more uncomfortable than air at a temperature of 29C and 100% humidity. ... _1505.html
Corona Virus Lockdown is a Huge Mistake — Prof. Michael Levitt
Prof. Michael Levitt of Stanford University analyzes the corona virus data in various countries and feels strongly that the lockdown imposed in the US and some European countries is a capital mistake. A bit lengthy and technical interview but well worth a listen.
UArizona Will Fully Open in the Fall
U of A President Robert Robbins plans to open fully the university in August including dorms, classes, labs, etc.
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