Fluid Mechanics 12.10.2014 Class Rescheduling  
What is the best time for you?
Thursday December 4th 18:00  22% of the voters. 12% of the votes.    7
Friday December 5th 17:00  69% of the voters. 37% of the votes.    22
Saturday December 6th 11:00  28% of the voters. 15% of the votes.    9
Sunday December 7th 19:00  16% of the voters. 8% of the votes.    5
Tuesday December 9th 18:00  28% of the voters. 15% of the votes.    9
Wednesday December 10th as usual  22% of the voters. 12% of the votes.    7
Poll ended at 5:53 pm on Monday December 1st 2014. Total votes: 59. Total voters: 32.
The 26th lecture is scheduled to be on Wednesday December 10th, one day before the final exam week starts. We need to have this lecture to complete the course. But, if it's more convenient for you, we can reschedule it at some other time. Select all the time slots that are the most convenient for you (up to 3 choices), and based on your votes we will make a decision in class on Monday December 1st. If you don't want to reschedule the lecture, just select the last option “Wednesday December 10th as usual”.
Following your wishes, the lecture will take place Friday from 17:00 till 18:15. I will write down soon the room number in this thread once the room is reserved. Please do not miss Friday's lecture as we will decide together when the final exam should take place.
The lecture will take place in room 9405.
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