2014 Fluid Mechanics Final Lecture  
Which problem would you like me to solve in class on Monday?
Assignment #8 Question #5  0% of the voters. 0% of the votes.    0
Assignment #9 Question #5  46% of the voters. 46% of the votes.    6
Assignment #9 Question #4  54% of the voters. 54% of the votes.    7
Poll ended at 6:49 pm on Monday December 8th 2014. Total votes: 13. Total voters: 13.
The last lecture will be on Monday December 8th at the usual time. Before the quiz, I will solve 1 or 2 problems from the assignments to prepare you better for the final exam. Note that 3 problems out of 6 in the final will be taken from the assignments — please make sure you know how to solve all problems from the assignments, not just those started in class. To help you get ready for the final, I'd like to solve assignment problems on Monday that you struggled with the most. Please choose from the list above the problem that you would be most interested to see me solve in class on Monday.
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