Intermediate Thermodynamics Syllabus  
Course Objectives, Policies, and Grading
Weekly schedule
1.  Introduction to thermodynamics. Definition of pressure, temperature, number density.
2.  Derivation of ideal gas law from newtonian mechanics. Assignment #1.
3.  First law of thermo. Definition of work, heat, internal energy and enthalpy. Isentropic, adiabatic processes. Isentropic relationship. Assignment #2.
4.  Conservation of mass. Control volume approach. Assignment #3.
5.  Conservation of energy for an open system in control volume form. Assignment #4.
6.  Entropy and the second law of thermodynamics. Reversible and irreversible processes. Assignment #5.
7.  Example problems in preparation for the midterm quiz. Midterm quiz.
8.  Midterm break
9.  Non-ideal equations of state (van der Waals, Berthelot, Redlich-Kwong), phase change, critical temperature and pressure, and generalized compressibility charts. Assignment #6.
10.  Maxwell relations and how to use them with non-ideal equations of state. Assignment #7.
11.  Gaseous mixtures. Relative humidity. Wet-bulb and dry-bulb temperature.
12.  Humidity ratio. Psychrometric charts. Adiabatic saturation. Assignment #8.
13.  Chemical thermodynamics. Enthalpy of formation. Heat released in a combustion process. Stoichiometric fuel-air ratio. Assignment #9.
14.  Example problems in preparation for the final exam.
15.  Final exam
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