Heat Transfer Class Absence  
Comment by Student 201327132
Professor, I have a reserve forces training, So I can't attend the class next week on 2nd April Monday. I'm sorry.
Comment by Student 201800060
Professor, I can't attend the class on Monday, april 2nd. I'm sorry to absent your class.
Comment by Prof. Parent
You need to give a reason for being absent, and you need to bring a certificate next class that proves it.
Comment by Student 201227107
Professor, I'll be absent a class on Wednesday 11th of April because of eye ache. I have glaucoma and symptoms are getting worse. So I wouldn't be able to attend the class. I'm sorry about absence.
Comment by Prof. Parent
You should come to the class today because we will decide when to schedule the midterm exam. This is important. You should not skip this lecture. Come for the first 5 minutes at least. If you really can not make it, then tell us now all time slots listed in the poll that are impossible for you so that we don't schedule the midterm when you are not available. Also, an assignment is due today and I can not accept a late assignment.. If you don't submit it before the deadline, you can not get a bonus.
Comment by Student 201327110
Professor,I'll be absent on Monday 23th April. Because I have a surgery so anesthesia on my waist is required. Additionally, it will be done morning 9:20AM. I'm so sorry for not informing you at least before a week. Because this is determined just today.
Comment by Prof. Parent
That's fine. But you still have to submit the assignment and do the quiz before the deadline or you won't get a bonus.
Comment by Student 201227120
I can not attend the class on Wednesday, May 2. Because I have to attend an internship interview of Hyundai Motor in Seoul at 13 o'clock. I wonder about the schedule of the 5th assignment and quiz
Comment by Prof. Parent
If you want to get a bonus for the Design project you need to take the quiz in my office either Monday or Tuesday. Come in the afternoon.
Comment by Student 201227125
Professor, I'll be absent a class on Next Wednesday, may 9 because of reserve forces training. I'm sorry to absent your class. but this day test quiz. How should I do the quiz?
Comment by Prof. Parent
You should come to my office on Tuesday for your quiz. Come between 1pm and 4pm.
Comment by Student 201800060
Dear professor, I'll miss the class on Monday the 14th of may, because of a trip, I'm sorry.
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