Heat Transfer Class Absence  
Comment by Student 201427123
Proffessor, I’ll absorte the Heat transfer Class in 26th, March, because of reserve force traning. And What I should do to submit Assignment #2 and quiz?
Comment by Prof. Parent
You can submit your assignment and take a quiz in my office the day before or after.
Comment by Student 201327124
Professor, I can't attend the heat transfer class on March 25 Monday, because of reserve force training. Sorry for the late message.
Comment by Student 201327146
Professor, I’ll be absent a class on Monday 25th of March because of military reserve force. I’m sorry for absence to your class. I’ll take the confirmation in Wednesday 27th class.
Comment by Student 201427147
Professor, I’ll be absent a class on Monday 25th of March . Because it was hospitalized on the 23rd with colitis and leave hospital on the 25th at 10 am. Please understand that I was informed of the news late because of the emergency situation. I will take the hospitalization certificate on Wednesday. Have a nice weekend.
Comment by Student 201427123
Professor, few days ago I told you I’d miss the class in 27th, March. But I delayed my reserve force training. So I can attend the class. I’m sorry to bother you.
Comment by Prof. Parent
No problem. See you in class tomorrow.
Comment by Student 201427129
Professor, I can't attend next class in Wednesday in April 17. Because I have presentation in Junior Academic Competition Hosted by KSAS (Korean Society for Aeronautical & space sciences) with my friend. so please consider absence in next Wednesday. also Can i take my quiz on Monday?
Comment by Prof. Parent
There won't be any Heat Transfer class on Wednesday April 17th.
Comment by Student 201542124
Professor, I have a medical checkup for my future job in April 29th. I should visit Airforce medical center in Cheongju. So I can't take a class on that day. I will submit the document that can prove my absence.
Comment by Student 201427129
profassor. in tihs morning i had terrible problrem at my eyies that can't opened. so i try to open my eyes but it's so hard. awith my class mate, arrived to eye doctor. after check up, i will explane situation. i'm so sorry.
Comment by Student 201427134
I'm sorry to be absent today class suddenly. she did back surgery but get worse today.So i have to go Dong-A Univ Hospital and care her.
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