Heat Transfer Class Absence  
Comment by Prof. Parent
I can not accept this reason. You need to notify me at least 1 or 2 hours before class time for medical urgencies.
Comment by Student 201542124
Professor, I work on 9th BUTECH 2019 as staff on be half of Pusan National University Engineering Education Center on May 22nd in Bexco. It will be helpful to my future job because I can build my career and broaden my knowledge on machinery. So I can't take Heat transfer class on that day. I will submit the document to prove my absence.
Comment by Prof. Parent
Sure, this is fine.
Comment by Student 201427129
Professor, I can't take Heat transfer class on may 22nd because of the same reason of 201542124. In fact, i work on BUTECH with her. I will submit the document to prove my absence.
Comment by Prof. Parent
This is fine, but if there is an assignment due on May 22nd, you will have to hand it in May 21st in my office before 15:00 and I will give you a quiz then.
Comment by Student 201427114
Professor, I will can't attend next class in monday 20 may, beacause i had headache in saturday but i still have headache very hard. I will go to hospital in today's morning. I am really sorry i can't go to class today morning.
Comment by Student 201427135
Professor, I will not be able to attend at 9 tomorrow ( on Wednesday ) because I have to apply the summer vacation class. It's from 9 am and there are too many people to take that lecture so I have to use desktop for fast internet speed. I will take class after applying vacation lecture. I'm really sorry to be late.
Comment by Prof. Parent
Sure, no problem.
Comment by Student 201327146
Professor, I'll be absent a class on Wednesday 29th of May because of eye disease. I'll bring a medical certificate on next class. I'm sorry to absent your class.
Comment by Prof. Parent
You have to notify me at least 1 hour before class time. Also, if you don't do the quiz this morning, I can't give you points for your assignment.
Comment by Student 201427134
I'm so sorry, professor. I don't think I can take the test today. Because mother's back surgery take longer. I didn't have good midterm grades and Quiz. I didn't study much for the exam. I know i will get bad grades even if i take the final exam. So I chose to wait for my mother rather than take a test. I'm sorry I didn't get a good result despite your efforts. Thank you.
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