Heat Transfer Class Absence  
Comment by Prof. Parent
If you want to get a bonus for the Design project you need to take the quiz in my office either Monday or Tuesday. Come in the afternoon.
Comment by Student 201227125
Professor, I'll be absent a class on Next Wednesday, may 9 because of reserve forces training. I'm sorry to absent your class. but this day test quiz. How should I do the quiz?
Comment by Prof. Parent
You should come to my office on Tuesday for your quiz. Come between 1pm and 4pm.
Comment by Student 201800060
Dear professor, I'll miss the class on Monday the 14th of may, because of a trip, I'm sorry.
Comment by Prof. Parent
OK. I'll reduce the penalty from 4 points to 2 points because you notified me ahead of time.
Comment by Student 201800061
Professor, I will be absent for the two upcoming classes due to a trip: Monday 14th and Wednesday 16th. I will come to your office tomorrow Friday 11th for the quizz as we agreed in class. My apologies for this.
Comment by Prof. Parent
This is fine. I'll give you just a 2 point (instead of a 8 point) penalty because of the advance notice.
Comment by Student 201800059
Professor, as discussed in class on Wednesday, I will miss your class on Tuesday 14th. Thank you for your understanding.
Comment by Prof. Parent
I'll reduce the penalty to 2 pts only.
Comment by Student 201527121
Professor, I’ll be absent a class on Wednesday 23th of May. Because I've to go to the ROTC event for whole day. As I know, It could be certificated by University. So I'll submit certification for attendance following next class. Thank you.
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