Heat Transfer Class Absence  
Comment by Student 201427147
Professor, I’ll be absent a class on Monday 25th of March . Because it was hospitalized on the 23rd with colitis and leave hospital on the 25th at 10 am. Please understand that I was informed of the news late because of the emergency situation. I will take the hospitalization certificate on Wednesday. Have a nice weekend.
Comment by Student 201427123
Professor, few days ago I told you I’d miss the class in 27th, March. But I delayed my reserve force training. So I can attend the class. I’m sorry to bother you.
Comment by Prof. Parent
No problem. See you in class tomorrow.
Comment by Student 201427129
Professor, I can't attend next class in Wednesday in April 17. Because I have presentation in Junior Academic Competition Hosted by KSAS (Korean Society for Aeronautical & space sciences) with my friend. so please consider absence in next Wednesday. also Can i take my quiz on Monday?
Comment by Prof. Parent
There won't be any Heat Transfer class on Wednesday April 17th.
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