Heat Transfer Scores  
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Assignment 0 has been corrected. You were given 1.5 points bonus for creating an account on my website and another 1.5 points for enabling email notifications on the Heat Transfer forum.
Quiz #1 is corrected. I took away 0.5 point if you didn't clearly indicate your answer, another 0.5 point if you didn't iterate properly, 0.5 point if you didn't list that the room volume must be much larger than the volume of the plate, and another 0.5 point if you didn't indicate 1D H-T in the assumptions (or isothermal plate).
Quiz #2 is corrected. I took away 0.5 point if you didn't indicate constant $k$ or 1D heat transfer along $x$ in the assumptions. I took away 1-3 points for serious problems with the logic (not getting $c_1$, $c_2$, and $c_3$ correct).
Quiz #3 has been corrected. I took away points if you didn't indicate clearly where the maximum temperature is located (must be indicated graphically or with $r=..$). I gave full points if your logic is correct for part (b) even if you made some calculation mistake or didn't finish the calculation. If you got less than 1.5 bonus for this problem, you need to put some more work and get the right answer — there's a chance this problem may be asked in the midterm. If your midterm bonus so far is less than 7, you are not working enough to obtain a B grade: Please make an adjustment or consider withdrawing and taking the course again next year.
Quiz #4 has been corrected. I took away 0.5 points for not indicating your answer clearly or for not mentioning in the assumptions that $h$ is uniform on all surfaces or for not indicating properly how the Heisler charts were used. I took away 1 point for not getting the Biot and Fourier number correctly and up to 2 points for something fundamentally wrong with the logic.
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