Compressible Flow Scores  
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The grades for Assign 0 have been entered. I gave A0 if you registered but didn't enable email notifications in the Compressible Flow forum, and “-” if you didn't register.
Quiz 1 has been corrected. I gave A0 if you didn't explain well enough all the steps to reach an answer.
Quiz 2 has been corrected. You all did fine.
Quiz 3 has been corrected. I took away half a grade if you didn't write all the steps in finding $\gamma$. You can't just say it was found the calculator from a complex expression. You need to isolate $\gamma$ and then calculate it.
Note that a grade for Assign 4 will be given after the Quiz on Tuesday. This Tuesday (Oct 30), the quiz question will be either from Assignment 4 or from Design 1. Make sure you can remember your solutions.
The grades for A4/D1 are inputted. I took away a half grade if you didn't finish the problem fully or made an important mistake.
A5 has been corrected. You all made the same mistake. Think about this more, I may ask you the same problem in the final. The answers posted on my site are correct: you need to find your mistake and match these answers.
The midterm exam has been corrected. Check that your grades for each question were inputted correctly.
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