Compressible Flow Scores  
A6 has been corrected. 2 of you got it right and were given A+. I gave B+ for being halfway there (you need to check that the pressures match across the contact surface..). Make sure you can do this problem: it may be asked in the final.
Quiz 7 is corrected: I gave you all A0. Although you didn't all do it the same way, you all made a mistake in how you setup your integral. You shouldn't have to say $\cos(\theta)=1$ because $\theta$ is small. This is not needed here and shouldn't be done. What you need to think more about is how to setup the integral. Hint: the total lift force per unit span is $F_{\rm L}=\int_{x=0}^{x=t} (P_{\rm bottom}-P_{\rm top}) dx$.
The final exams have been corrected. I'm a bit disappointed by how few correct answers were obtained.. The exam was not so difficult I think.. The scores would have been higher if you would have prepared better by making sure you could solve all assignment problems correctly. For instance, Q3 is a problem you were asked in one assignment and I did mention in class none got it right. After this assignment was completed, you should have put more effort into this problem, asked some questions, and figured it out.
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