Compressible Flow Class Absence  
Comment by Prof. Parent
If you can't make it to class, mention it in this thread the morning before class time or one day ahead. Tell us which class you will miss and why you can't make it. If you are going on a conference trip, you need to notify me at least 10 days ahead of time.
Comment by Student 201883576
Professor, I have to visit the Busan Immigration Office to register my fingerprints for my Alien Registration Card on $20^{th}$ September (Thursday). The scheduled time is 2-5 PM and the time taken for fingerprint registration is said to be a few minutes, but a long waiting time is to be expected. So I may not be able to attend the class on time. Please forgive me if I do not make it to the class on time.
Comment by Prof. Parent
That's ok, no problem.
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