Compressible Flow Questions & Answers  
Question by Student 201893243
Good afternoon, professor. I'm curious about the lack of explanations in the assignments 1 I submitted. I guess that the short comment on the shape of the nozzle after obtaining the Mach number and pressures of the entry and exit in Question 2 was not enough explain. If you tell me what approach was lack in the process of problem solving, I will supplement what I misunderstand. Sincerely thank you Sir.
It's best if you come visit me in my office for this. We'll look through your quiz together.
Question by Student 201883576
Professor, I have a doubt regarding the problem 5(c) and 5(d) of assignment 4. I could solve a similar problem[l] where the stagnation pressure and temperature behind the reflected shock is calculated given the speed of the incident shock($v_s$). However, in problem 5, having calculated the required stagnation pressure and temperature to drive the gun tunnel, I am unable to calculate the incident shock speed. It seems I require either the speed of the air behind the incident shock or the speed of the reflected shock to solve the problem. Can this problem be solved without knowing these speeds in prior?
Yes it can. You need to determine the incident shock speed that will give the right stagnation temperature. The reflected shock speed can be found from the incident shock speed. The speed of the air behind the incident shock is function of the incident shock speed and shouldn't be specified or the problem would be overspecified.
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