Viscous Flow Class Absence  
Comment by Prof. Parent
That's fine, good luck to all on your interviews!
Comment by Student 201527121
Professor, I have a schedule in ROTC in next Monday. So I can not take a class that day. I will give you a confirmation of abdense reason by the next Wednsday.
Comment by Prof. Parent
OK, that's fine.
Comment by Student 201227126
Professor, I'm really sorry but I will be absent your lecture on next wednesday, November 22nd. Because I will attend a job interview on that day. I am really sorry to cannot attend your class. However, I know it's a quiz and assignment on that day. Please let me know what should I do. Thank you.
Comment by Prof. Parent
No problem. Just come to my office at the end of the following class and I'll give you a quiz then. Good luck!
Comment by Student 201227135
Professor, I will have a job interview on next monday (Nov 27th) So i will not attend your class. I am really sorry about that. I think this may be the last interview. Thank you.
Comment by Prof. Parent
Great, good luck!
Comment by Student 201327145
Professor, I'll miss a class on Monday of 3rd September, because I'll participate in "Graduation trip" on that day. Sorry for absence.
Comment by Prof. Parent
No problem. We won't do any theory on September 3rd, so you won't miss anything important.
Comment by Student 201627101
Professor, i'm worried that i cannot attend the class at september 3rd for the graduation trip scheduled from september 1st to 5nd. But I'll participate your class at 5nd. Sorry for the absence..
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