Viscous Flow Class Absence  
Comment by Prof. Parent
OK, I will reduce the penalty from 4 to 2 points. But in the future, you need to give advance notice at least 1.5-2 hour before class time for being sick.
Comment by Student 201327139
Professor, I couldn't attend to the 5th, November, because I want to go to 2018 Japan job fair that is held at BEXCO, Busan. I'll hand in a certificate of attendance of the fair immediately after finishing the fair. Here is a hyperlink of job fair site, but there is not the english site. Thank you.
Comment by Prof. Parent
OK, no problem. Have a good time there.
Comment by Student 201427134
Professor I will be absent viscous flow lecture on November 5th. I have to be patron when my mother waist disk surgery. She start operation at 10AM DongA univ hospital. Other family can't care her because they have a job and far from here. That's why I can't join the class. I'm really sorry professor.
Comment by Prof. Parent
Fine, it's no problem.
Comment by Student 201427103
Professor,I am a student who takes viscous flow class. This morning, the cold is so heavy that I have to inform you in advance of absenteeism from today's class November 5th. I'm going to the hospital today. I'll submit a medical report next time. I'm terribly sorry
Comment by Student 201427106
Professor, November 5th In this morning because of sore throat and fever, I couldn't participate in class. However, I did not inform the professor beforehand that I was absent.I am sorry to inform you of the absence late. I will submit the medical certificate in the next class. I'm sorry to inform you late.
Comment by Student 201527128
Dear professor, First, I'm sorry I didn't inform you beforehand. At early Wednesday morning, I went to .. Again, I'm sorry for absence without leave and if you allow with generosity, can I get a chance to make up for a quiz? I'm sorry for my poor explanation.
Comment by Prof. Parent
Hmm, I can not accept this type of reason to miss the class and take the quiz again.. Why didn't you notify me ahead of time when you were leaving ? This doesn't make sense to me.
Comment by Student 201527128
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