Viscous Flow Class Absence  
Comment by Student 201427103
Dear professor . I cant attend tomorrow complementary class because i have private lesson that day. The reason that i don’t rasie up my hand at class is all of other choices are not possible except friday mornings. Thank you for your understanding .
Comment by Prof. Parent
OK, no problem.
Comment by Student 201428239
Professor, I can't attend the complimentary class on Friday. Because I have a Samsung Dream Class which is schduled every Friday from 4pm to 6pm. Thank you
Comment by Prof. Parent
Alright, I understand.
Comment by Student 201427152
Dear professor, I can't attend the complementary class on this Friday. Because I have a Drone Challenge Competition at Silla Uinv. I'm really sorry to miss your class that time. please understand this situation. Thank you.
Comment by Student 201627131
Dear Professor I'm apologize to absent in this Tuesday and this Friday since I have a Drone Challenge Competition in this Friday. I'm really sorry. Please understand me. Thank you.
Comment by Prof. Parent
Hm, I can't understand why you would miss both lectures for a drone challenge. Besides, you should have mentioned this in class this morning when I asked if the scheduling causes problems.
Comment by Student 201527111
Professor, I can not attend the class on monday, November 26th because of job interview. I am sorry about absence. Thank you.
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