Viscous Flow Questions & Answers  
Question by Student 201327103
professor now my code can have converged answer! but until it make wrong answer ub is about $~4.07E-002 m/s$ how can I find bug?
First make sure your syntax is correct. One error students make often here is to mix the ints with the reals. Don't mix them! Thus, don't write a=1.0/2; but write a=1.0/2.0. Similarly, don't add a real to a int counter such as j+=2.0. Rather, write it as j+=2. This is very important in C, because a division by a int may give a 0 even if the real answer is not 0.
Question by Student 201527110
Professor, should I submit the design project code with hardcopy or by e-mail? If I have to send it by e-mail, through the g-mail written in your homepage?
You should submit it on paper at the beginning of the final exam. On top of that, send me the code by email. In the email, the subject should be "Viscous Flow Design Project by Student 20xxxxxx".
Question by Student 201327107
Professor, the bulk velocity for Prandtl model should be lies between 0.25m/s and 0.28m/s ? My convergence value is 0.24m/s ....
Hm, this means that definitely there is some bug (or bugs) somewhere in your code.. You should fix this.
Question by Student 201527121
Dear, Professor In momentum equation, I thought we have to assume to neglect the body forces on the fluid element. But you didn't mention it during the class. Can I prove momentum equation without this assumption?
Hmm, I think I did include a body force while deriving the momentum equation in class. Very strange, I can not find your student number in my list..
Question by Student 201427143
Dear. Professor
When I calculate power, I used this equation.
POWER= (mass flow rate) * (heat capacity) * (T2-T1)
But I think you did not teach that.
Is it okay to use this equation?
The equation you are using is not the equation for “power”. Under some special circumstances, it may be equal to the power, but that would be a coincidence. In the general case, this is definitely not the power input to a fluid. Your question is not clear: You didn't mention why you are using this equation and where.
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