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Question by Student 201427143
Dear, professor.
When I use your code in question#3 in Assignment 8, after I executed the code, 'iter relative error' is displayed on my monitor.
So, I thought the initial values have some problem, and I checked your code.
Then, I found 'u', and 'mut' are 0 at every node.
Should I change the value of initial condition?
No, keep those the same. You need to only change the function that you are asked to change in the question statement.
Question by Student 201327139
Professor. From Design project c code, when I change the number of Node 'N'>=140, iteration is executed endlessly and compiling is failed. Did I make some bugs? When I set the number of node 'N'<140, there was no problem for compiling.
This sounds like a bug.. The compilation and running of your code should work fine no matter what $N$ is. You need to be more specific so I can help you. What do you mean compiling is failed? Please post the compiler errors when $N>140$ and when $N<140$ (use the “code” button).
Question by Student 201428239
Professor, I have questions about Design Project. In discretization coefficients parts, H and mut are not defined. In previous Problem (#7 and #8) H and mut are defined. Should I define it first? or H and mut is expressed another terms?
In the design project, $H$ and $\mu_{\rm t}$ don't need to be passed to the function find_coefficients_and_rhs(). Rather, $y$ is passed in which the position of all nodes is specified. Of course, you could find $H$ from y[N-1] if you wish, but that shouldn't be done because $H$ shouldn't be used within the function find_coefficients_and_rhs() for the design project. As for $\mu_{\rm t}$, you need to declare a pointer within the function and compute $\mu_{\rm t}$ first, use it to find the coefficients, and then free the pointer once you're done.
Question by Student 201327139
Here it is. when I set # of Node N>140, \( numiter \rightarrow \infty \).
1.png     2.png    
Your post is not clear. Which one is a problem and why? Please insert your pictures inline so that we can see them in the post (without having to click on the attachment) and explain at the bottom of each pic how this was obtained (put a caption). Also explain the problem.
Question by Student 201427131
Professor, I have a question about Design Problem. I finished the code, and iteration error is occured. *** Error in `main.o': double free or corruption (top): 0x0000000001540940 *** SEGMENTATION FAULT RVAL 6 Completed What's the meaning of this error?
There's some problem with how you access the variables in ram. Use the valgrind button: it will help you for this.
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