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Question by Student 201427131
Thank you, Professor, by the way, I have another question about Design Project question 2. I finished the code, and another error is occured. main.o: main.c:121: find_u_using_TDMA: Assertion `b[row]!=0.0' $$failed. SEGMENTATION FAULT RVAL 6 Completed. Why this happening?
This means you set up your coefficients wrongly and, therefore, the Gaussian elimination can not be performed. Look into your a, b, and c coefficients: there is a bug there.
Question by Student 201427106
Dear professer. I have a quastion about assignment8 .
I got a B+ to assignment 8. But I don't know what is the wrong point of my answer.
For Prepare the Final exam. I would like to check the wroing point of my assignment 8.
May I see my answer sheet before the final exam?
Yes, come to my office between 11am and 3pm. We'll look at it together.
Question by Student 201428239
professor, Can I see my answer sheet of Quiz 8? I want to know why I got B+. But tomorrow is final exam, so I want to see before the exam. Can I see it?
Sure, Ill be in my office today.
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