Viscous Flow Scores  
2016 ... sp=sharing
2017 ... sp=sharing
The final exam is corrected. You did really well. 14 of you deserved an A (out of 21 students) but the PIP system only allows me to enter 10 As.. So, for 4 students, I had to give a B+ instead of an A0. If you are one of the unlucky students, I will give you priority over the others next time you take my course.
Have a nice vacation and Merry Xmas!
2018 ... sp=sharing
Quiz 0 has been corrected. I gave B+ if you registered and A+ if you registered and enabled email notifications for the Viscous Flow forum.
Quiz 1 is corrected. I took away points if you didn't do the proof I asked you to do in class.. And I also took away points if you didn't indicate clearly where the stresses are located on the fluid element or if some steps are not well explained enough.
Quiz 2 is corrected. I took away points if I found your proofs were not clear enough (A0) or one or more was incomplete (B+ or less). Simply saying $\partial u/\partial y + \partial v/\partial x=0$ for no rotation is not enough: this has to be proven.
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