Viscous Flow Scores  
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The final exam is corrected. You did really well. 14 of you deserved an A (out of 21 students) but the PIP system only allows me to enter 10 As.. So, for 4 students, I had to give a B+ instead of an A0. If you are one of the unlucky students, I will give you priority over the others next time you take my course.
Have a nice vacation and Merry Xmas!
2018 ... sp=sharing
Quiz 0 has been corrected. I gave B+ if you registered and A+ if you registered and enabled email notifications for the Viscous Flow forum.
Quiz 1 is corrected. I took away points if you didn't do the proof I asked you to do in class.. And I also took away points if you didn't indicate clearly where the stresses are located on the fluid element or if some steps are not well explained enough.
Quiz 2 is corrected. I took away points if I found your proofs were not clear enough (A0) or one or more was incomplete (B+ or less). Simply saying $\partial u/\partial y + \partial v/\partial x=0$ for no rotation is not enough: this has to be proven.
Quiz 3 is corrected. I took away one half grade if you didn't take into consideration the body force on the fluid or if you computed this body force wrong. Be careful about the body force acting on the fluid: this has nothing to do with the density or mass of the piston. I also took away a half grade if you didn't calculate well the area on which the shear stress acts.
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