Viscous Flow Information  
On November 2nd the class will be cancelled because of the KARI trip.
The viscous flow scores will become accessible only after I give you back your corrected midterm exams on Wednesday. Please be patient!
This post is to test whether you receive an email alert when subscribed to the Viscous Flow forum. If you don't receive an email, let me know tomorrow in class.
Please make an effort tonight, tomorrow, or this weekend to solve Assignment #7 Part #4. If you don't succeed, come and see me in my office. Keep in mind that Assignment #8 is the continuation of Assignment #7.. If you can't get the C code in Assignment #7 to work well, you won't be able to do Assignment #8 at all.
Note that Assignment #8 will be given 6 bonus points. Please make sure you can solve the problem correctly.
I finished correcting the exams: you can find your final grade in the google sheets. If you wish to see your corrected exam along with the grading scheme, you can come see me in my office: I'll be here generally every day from 9:00 till 18:00 throughout the vacation. You were a good class! As a reward to those who got an A0 or A+, I wish to give you the opportunity to use my laboratory's desks as a private study place next year. I have 3 desks available now for undergraduate students. If you're interested, come and see me. My lab is very comfy with A/C and heating: it's a good quiet place to study for your tests or just to take a rest ;)
Happy New Year and have a nice vacation!
There are some bad news... The PIP computer system doesn't allow me to give more than two As when the class has 6 students. So I have to give student 201227103 B+ instead of A+ and student 201427142 B+ instead of A0. It's not fair to you, but there seems to be no choice.. I'll send a complaint letter to the PNU administration about this and I'll try to get them to give you As as you deserve.
I discussed the situation with the department head (Prof. Kim Huidae) today. He advises not to write a complaint letter to the admin because there's little chance that this will yield positive results. This rule is strictly-applied and there has been so far no exception. But to make it fair to you, what I can do is the following: if you take either of my courses next semester (“Special Topics”, or “Heat Transfer”), I will give you an upgrade. I.e., for student #201227103 if you get B+ in Special Topics or in Heat Transfer, I'll upgrade it to A+. For student #201427142, if you get A0, you'll get A+.
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