Numerical Analysis Class Absence  
Comment by Student 201427564
Professor, I think I should take some medicine and get some rest because I have the flu. I am going to see a doctor in this morning. If I get better I would be attend the class. But for now, it seems difficult. I will submit a prescription next time.
Comment by Student 201427564
Professor, I can not attend your class on Nov. 15th. Because I have to attend 2017 Fall Conference of The Korean Society of Aeronautics and Space Sciences to present my paper. I will submit confirmation document on Nov. 20th.
Comment by Student 201527103
professorit's just that i'll be late for your class 11/07 wed. because that day 5;00 pm i must voluteer for military service. after registing at 5;00 pm, I go to your class immediately. Thank you for reading my words
Comment by Prof. Parent
There is no class on 11/07. Which day will you be absent?
Comment by Student 201527103
I'sorry. 11/08 wednesday
Comment by Student 201542124
Professor, I plan to participate in the iNSA exhibition held by PNU International with two foreign students both from France. It is about introducing other countries and experiencing cultural activities. It will be from 13:00-16:30 on November 29th. I want to finish the event successfully. So I will be late a little. As soon as it ends, I will take your class.
Comment by Prof. Parent
OK, no problem.
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