Computational Aerodynamics Class Absence  
Comment by Prof. Parent
If you can't make it to class, mention it in this thread the morning before class time or one day ahead. Tell us which class you will miss and why you can't make it. If you are going on a graduation trip, you need to notify me at least 10 days ahead of time.
Comment by Student 201327132
Professor, I am a student in CFD class. I'm sorry that i can't attend your class because I have surgery. I have infection on thigh.
Comment by Prof. Parent
No problem. Take a good rest before and after the surgery, and see you again on Thursday.
Comment by Student 201527122
Professor, I am a student in CFD class. I can not attend today's class. I had a bad cold since last night and I ate medicine. But the condition is not good. I will attend from the next class. Can you quiz the #3 quiz on another day? Thank you.
Comment by Prof. Parent
Hm, this is not enough advance notice.. I won't penalize you this time, but in the future you need to give me this notice in the early morning or the night before. For the quiz, come to my office early next week.
Comment by Student 201327103
Professor, I have a headache so I can't attend today.
Comment by Prof. Parent
This is too much at the last minute and sounds like a trivial reason. I can not accept your reason for being absent. You need to give me more advance notice than 1 hour before class time.
Comment by Student 201527121
Professor, I can not attend a class this Wednesday,May.31th. The reason is I have to go staff ride at Taiwan for 4 days. It is the curriculum of the ROTC and that's the reason why I have to go. I have no choice whether I'll go or not. I'm really sorry for that. I'll give you certifications of class absence at coming Monday. There are three types of paper. First one is certification for last H-T class at, Second one and Third one are H-T, CFD respectively. As you told me last week, I'll go to your office after Tuesday CFD class for the Quiz H-T #8 and CFD design project. Thank you very much.
Comment by Student 201527121
I mistook the dates. It is CFD class. so it is not but Thursday. Thank you.
Comment by Prof. Parent
OK. No problem. I'll see you after Tuesday's class.
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