Computational Aerodynamics — Poll on Change of Grading System  
Would you like to change to a letter-based grading system?
Yes, letter based grading in fine  100% of the voters. 100% of the votes.    8
No, I wish to keep the score based grading  0% of the voters. 0% of the votes.    0
Poll ended at 2:54 pm on Wednesday May 16th 2018. Total votes: 8. Total voters: 8.
Comment by Prof. Parent
The letter based grading system was used in my Viscous Flow Course last semester and many students reported that this was a better approach for a senior-level course.
Essentially, you are given a letter of A+, A0, B+ or an empty — for every midterm question, quiz, or final question (instead of a score). If no-one objects, we will change the grading system to letter-based from now. If you object, please write down your reason below.
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