Computational Aerodynamics Assignment 0 — Registration  
1.  Open the web page
2.  Click on “LOGIN” at the top right of the screen
3.  If you have an account already, login as usual; If not, click on “I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCOUNT”
4.  Enter your Student ID — 9 digits
5.  Enter your email adress (the one you use the most often)
6.  Enter your password (at least 6 characters)
7.  Enter my office room number, 9310, and click on “Submit”
8.  Once this is done, you will receive within a few minutes an email asking to activate your account
9.  If you do not receive the activation email, check the junk folder and mark the email as “not junk”
10.  Activate your account by clicking on the link within the email
11.  Verify if your account is activated by logging in (click on “Login” button at the top-right of the screen)
12.  After logging in, click on “Computational Aerodynamics” and click on “ENABLE EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS” at the bottom of the page
1.  A bonus will be given to those who register by the deadline.
2.  A bonus will be given to those who have email notifications enabled for the “Computational Aerodynamics” forum by the deadline.
Due on Thursday March 7th at 16:30
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