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Question by Student 201227106
Professor, I think Assignment 3 has a problem. In question #2, Q is consist of omega*U, but I think Q is consist of omega*capital gama*U.
That's right: I fixed it. I'll give you 1 point bonus boost because your typesetting was hard to read.
Question by Student 201227141
Professor, Q3 in Assignment3 is finding $G_η$ at nodes. Althogh Eqation has Ω, it did not need to calculate. Then is it not problem whatever Ω's value is?
Yes, absolutely, you don't need to calculate $\Omega$ in this case. But if you choose not to calculate it, you have to explain clearly how $\Omega$ cancels out. Once $\Omega$ disappears from the terms, then there is of course no need to calculate it. Good observation: 2 points bonus.
Question by Student 201427102
naninani.PNG  ./download/file.php?id=3378&sid=0b26793dde22ab50e352d9eed512c20b  ./download/file.php?id=3378&t=1&sid=0b26793dde22ab50e352d9eed512c20b
after write "paraview post.grid", that message appear. How can I solve this problem?
“ERROR: In /build/paraview-arsa8T/paraview-5.0.1+dfsg1/ParaViewCore/ServerImplementation/Core/vtkSIProxy.cxx, line 310 vtkSISourceProxy (0x3b3f430): Failed to create vtkXdmfReader. Aborting for debugging purposes. Aborted (core dumped)”
Well, the file name should end with .vtk in order to be read in paraview.. I'll give you 1 point bonus boost.
Question by Student 201427564
.png  ./download/file.php?id=3383&sid=0b26793dde22ab50e352d9eed512c20b  ./download/file.php?id=3383&t=1&sid=0b26793dde22ab50e352d9eed512c20b
Professor, I have a question about last Tuesday class. In attached figure, You coded is=1, js=1 in line 8. But you put zero in command 'Corners' in line 27. It works well but I can not understand. Please explain the reason. Also, I think is3 should be declared before is2. Because is2 contains is3. Am I right?
The first two zeros in the Corners() command are for the $x$ and $y$ positions of the lower-left corner. The next two values are for the $x$ and $y$ positions of the upper-right corner. For the second question, yes, if is2 depends on is3, then you should initialize is3 before initializing is2. Two points bonus boost.
Question by Student 201427564
.PNG  ./download/file.php?id=3384&sid=0b26793dde22ab50e352d9eed512c20b  ./download/file.php?id=3384&t=1&sid=0b26793dde22ab50e352d9eed512c20b
Professor, when you did this example you coded Block1 and Block4 again(I mean you coded twice for one block.). When I try to coded only {Block1 again!} and {Block4 again!}, it did not work. Could you explain me the reason?
Hm, I don't understand what could be wrong.. You need to explain this more carefully.
Question by Student 201227141
Professor, I think i did assignment. And i found export button in paraview but i could't see the bottom side of the export page. So i just pushed enter of my keyboard but exporting didn't work. How can i do well?
1234.png  ./download/file.php?id=3386&sid=0b26793dde22ab50e352d9eed512c20b  ./download/file.php?id=3386&t=1&sid=0b26793dde22ab50e352d9eed512c20b
An easy way around this is by moving the window so you can see the buttons at the bottom. You can move the window by pressing the key “alt”, the left mouse button, and moving the mouse around. Alternately, you can increase the resolution of your screen, but this is more involved..
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