Computational Aerodynamics Scores  
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Quiz #1 has been corrected.
Quiz #2 has been corrected.
Quiz #3 has been corrected. I took away a half grade if you called the JoinCorners command wrongly (there are two segments, one for each dimension, not just one segment). I took away another half grade if you didn't use grab in some of your segments in order to ensure that there is no sudden change in spacing in your grid.
Quiz #4 has been corrected. You got A+ if there was no major logical flaw in your reasoning. I gave A0 to those who made at least one major mistake such as saying that $P=P(T)$. Of course, this is incorrect because $P=P(\rho_1,\rho_2,T)$.
Quiz #5 has been corrected. I took away half a grade if you couldn't get the right perpendicular Mach number to the exit area.
Quiz #6 has been corrected. I gave you B+ if you couldn't find $u_{i+1/2}^{(4)}$ from the answers. If you understood part (d) correctly, you should know how to do this.
Quiz #7 has been corrected. I gave A0 if you didn't compute the answer using fractions. I also gave A0 if you didn't indicate clearly how you found $|A|$ at the interface. Note that $|A|(u_{\rm L},~u_{\rm R})$ should be first written as $|A|(u_{i+1/2})$ and then evaluated. If you skipped that step, you were given A0.
The final exams have been corrected.
The final grades have been adjusted.
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