Computational Plasma & Reactive Flow Lab — Alumni  
In this thread, you can find some information about ex-grad-students of the Plasma & Reactive Flow Laboratory including their thesis topics and their current activities.
Min-Ha Kim
Minha was a Masters student from January 2010 till December 2011. His masters thesis topic was on assessing the performance of the latest Wilcox $k\omega$ turbulence model (2008) for flows typical of supersonic flight. After graduation, he joined BHI in Haman-gun where his work relates to the design of pulverized coal-fired boilers. Through a partnership with Foster Wheeler, BHI designs and manufactures boilers that are used in conjunction with a gas turbine to generate electricity.
Sathyan Padmanabhan
Sathyan was a Masters student from March 2013 till June 2015. His Masters thesis was related to the effect of the nitrogen vibrational energy in non-equilibrium on some supersonic flows of interest. He is now a Ph.D. student in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Arizona with full assistantship. His PhD thesis is related to experimental studies of plasma aerodynamics under the supervision of prof. Jesse Little.
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