Computational Plasma & Reactive Flow Lab — For Prospective Masters and PhD Students  
NRF Grant (2010 — 2013)
We have won a 3-year grant from NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea) to do computational studies of weakly-ionized airflow around aircraft. Specifically, the grant will be used for:
(i)  Further developing the numerical methods to simulate weakly-ionized airflow
(ii)  Performing numerical simulations of the MHD generator located within supersonic aircraft and
(iii)  Performing numerical simulations assessing the impact of plasmas on the separation regions within supersonic boundary layers
We are looking for graduate students who would be interested in studying these topics either at the Master's or PhD level. Specifically, we are looking for students who have aptitudes at computer programming and at understanding fluid flow physics. Being reliable, precise, and a bit “perfectionist” are also desirable qualities.
Application Forms For International Students
1.  Application form I [see form 1 in attached file]
2.  Application form II [see form 2 in attached file]
3.  Bachelors degree certificate (either already obtained or to be acquired)
4.  Bachelor's degree transcript
5.  Study plan and self-introduction [see form 3 in attached file]
6.  Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK) certificate as well as TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS score certificates
7.  Research outcomes (work or performance) (Required only when applicable)
8.  Academic strength inquiry (agreement) [see form 7 in attached file]
9.  Nationality certificate or passport duplicate copy (applicant, parents)
10.  Foreigner registration certificate duplicate copy (applicant) (Required only for applicants already residing in Korea)
11.  Family relations certificate (applicant, parents)
12.  Financial capability proof document (scholarship, financial support from the professor-in-charge, savings, etc) ... asp?t=fall
Graduate Admissions for International Students_FallSemester 2012.pdf    
Graduate Scholarships for International Students
International students can apply for a graduate scholarship by the Korean government. There are several types of scholarships available [l] including the following:
1.  Korean Government Scholarship Program for Graduate Students [l]; This scholarship gives 900,000 won per month of financial support and fully-covered tuition fees for a duration of either 2 years for the Masters course or of 3 years for the Ph.D. course.
2.  Self-financed Students Support Program [l]; this scholarship gives 500,000 won per month for a duration of, at most, 1 year.
Slides used to present the lab (November 2017) ... WFt3yFi9iA
NRF Grant (2018 — 2021)
We have won a 3-year grant from the Korea National Research Foundation (NRF) to do numerical simulations of boundary layer transition induced by nanosecond plasma actuators. You can see some preliminary results here:
We are looking for
(a)  3rd or 4th year undergraduate students who would like to work on this topic during the vacation (1 million won per month salary).
(b)  Masters and PhD students (1+ million won per month salary).
Come and see me in my office for more details.
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