Convective Heat Transfer Syllabus  
Course Objectives, Policies, and Grading
Course Calendar — Weekly Schedule
1.  Outline of the course policies, grading scheme, and other overall information. Derivation of the mass and momentum equations for a fluid. Shear stresses for an incompressible fluid.
2.  Viscous flow between plates and within journal bearings.
3.  Derivation of the total energy equation. Couette flow: viscous dissipation, power input, and heat transfer.
4.  Laminar boundary layer: derivation of the skin friction coefficient and thickness from the momentum equations.
5.  Turbulent boundary layer thickness and wall shear stress. Derivation of laminar thermal layer from energy equation for constant density flow. Definitions of Prandtl and Eckert number.
6.  Definitions of Nusselt and Stanton number. Definition of convective heat transfer coefficient. Definition of average heat transfer coefficient and average Nusselt number on a surface.
7.  Midterm break.
8.  Film temperature. External flow on flat plates with viscous dissipation. External flow around cylinders, spheres, tube banks. Natural convective heat transfer.
9.  Viscous fully-developed flow in pipes. Darcy friction factor. Moody diagram. Hydraulic diameter. Flow in smooth and rough ducts.
10.  Bulk temperature in duct flows. Internal convective heat transfer. Derivation of Nusselt number in fully developed pipe flows.
11.  Log mean temperature difference (LMTD). Convective heat transfer in long pipes with fixed wall temperature.
12.  Phase change heat transfer.
13.  Example design problems. Review of material for final exam.
14.  Final exam week.
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