Setup Brother Printer on Debian HOWTO  
The Brother printer drivers included within CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) don't always work as well as they should. To get the Brother printer to work perfectly with Linux, it's necessary to install the Brother drivers. This can be done easily as follows.
Download and Install the CUPS Driver from Brother
Find your Brother printer here:
Click on “Downloads” and select “Linux deb”. Then, download the “Driver Install Tool”. Unzip it and make it executable:
gunzip linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.1-1.gz
chmod u+x linux-brprinter-installer-2.2.1-1
Then execute it at the prompt:
Type the name of your printer eg. “MFCL2740DW” and follow the instructions. When asked for an IP address (for the scanner), provide the IP number of the printer.
Change the Default Settings and Permissions Using CUPS
Then, edit the file /etc/group:
sudo vi /etc/group
Add your username (eg. robert) to the group lpadmin:
Then with your browser go the address
And go to “Administration”, then “Manage Printers”, and first change the configuration of the printer to socket:// with being the IP address of the printer. Then setup the defaults for the paper type and whether the printer should printer duplex or not. Also make sure you set the printer as the server default.
Find the Ports Used for Printing and Scanning
To find out which ports your brother printer is using to print or scan, do the following. Scan a long document or print a long document. While the document is printing/scanning type the following at the prompt:
netstat -a > netstat.out
Open netstat.out using geany or some other editor and search for a line including a string starting with brn such as
tcp        0      0 CLEO:59700              brn3c2af42ed801.c:54921 ESTABLISHED
This means the port that is used on the printer to scan is TCP/54921.
Installing More than One Brother Scanner
Installing two Brother printers on Debian is as simple as running the above mentioned script twice. However, when doing so, only the last activated scanner will be available. To activate the unactivated scanner, do the following:
brsaneconfig4 -a name=(name of scanner to be activated) model=(model name of scanner to be activated) ip=(IP of scanner to be activated in the form xx.xx.xx.xx)
To confirm that the two scanning devices are available, type the following:
brsaneconfig4 -q
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