Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Questions and Answers  
Question by AME536A Student
You mentioned in class that you would be willing to consider excluding material from the final exam. Can you exclude Assignment #6 and its content from the final exam?
No, excluding all of assignment 6 is not possible.
Question by AME536A Student
Actually, I typed in the wrong assignment # in my question when I asked it. Would it actually be possible to exclude all of assignment #7 (that was what the question was supposed to be).
No, not a good idea. Dimensional analysis and energy conservation are both important. It's unlikely I would agree to take away a full assignment from the final. One question or one part of a question perhaps.
Question by AME536A Student
I have a question about Prob #3 in the assignment 3. You said that the air density is everywhere the same and does not change in time. I was wondering if the water is everywhere the same and does not change in time, too.
Yes the water density is also uniform and does not vary in space or time.
Question by AME536A Student
I have a question about the prob #2 in the assignment 9. For part (b), Is Vr equal to 0 ? So,the maximum point is only dependent upon the value of $V_{\theta}$?
No $\vec{v}_r$ is not equal to zero. You can not prove part (b) by assuming $\vec{v}_r$ is zero.
Question by AME536A Student
In the cheat sheet, you give us the non-general Reynolds Transport Theorem (RRT, for a fixed CV). However, for some problems, we need to start with the general RRT ( RRT for moving and deforming CV). I know you said that if we want to use an equation that is not in the cheat sheet, we will have to derive it. However, if a question in the exam is given that needs to use the general RRT, will be ok to write it down and explain in a few words how I will actually derive it? I just don't think I will have enough time to derive it from scratch in the exam and then apply it in a problem.
If it's not in the tables, you need to derive it or you'll lose some points. You'll be given 40 minutes per question.
Question by AME536A Student
Hello Dr. Parent. I realize this is coming at the 11th hour, but would you please exclude Homework #6, Problem #2 and Problem #3 Part (b) from potentially being on the final? After trying to rework back through both problems and timing myself, Problem #2 took approximately 50 minutes with all the algebraic manipulation involved and Problem #3 Part (a) itself took approximately 40 minutes to successfully and completely answer (i.e. with all CV's clearly drawn, all major assumptions clearly written out and applied, and correcting my work when I reviewed and found a slight mistake in my final answer) before even beginning Part (b). I realize that this may just be a problem with my process speed and that you replied in an earlier post that some component of Homework #6 will be potential fair game regardless, but given that Problem #2 is a proof, Problem #3 Part (a) alone fully tests our ability to apply and manipulate the energy conservation equation, and Problem #4 (in parts or as a whole) doesn't seem to take nearly as long as Problem #1 while testing similar equation manipulation skills, I figured I would ask. I realize this may not be possible this close to the final if the test is already set, but please let us know what you think and we can proceed accordingly. Thank you.
I can exclude A6Q2. If I ask A6Q3, I'll ask you either part (a) or (b), not both.
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