Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Questions and Answers  
Question by AME536A Student
For problem 3, where we are asked to derive the Archimede's principle, you said that you would like to see it derived for any shape. Does that mean we get to pick a geometric shape, or that you want to see it derived for a non-geometric shape?
The best is if you can derive it in the general case, so that the derivation applies to any shape.
Question by AME536A Student
Dr. Parent, I see the feedback on the assignment I submitted last Thursday, but I cannot find a grade on it. Are you going to assign grade on D2L instead?
Assignments are not counted towards the final score. Only the pop quizzes and exams are counted. You should be able to estimate what your grade is through my comments: if I ask a major revision (problem with logic or incomplete solution) your grade is probably C or at most B; if I ask a minor revision (small calculation mistake) then your grade is A. I recommend to do all the revisions I ask for and resubmit until there are no more revisions to do.
Question by AME536A Student
I am working on problem 4 of assignment 2, and I am a bit confused as to wether we can integrate at all in part 1), or if that should be solved just using the final form of Archimede's principle.
In A2Q4a, use the Archimedes principle and not Pascal's law (no need to derive Archimedes's buoyancy law, just use it). In A2Q4b, you can not use the Archimedes principle but have to use only Pascal's law.
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