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Question by AME536A Student
Dr. Parent,

We would like to ask that problem 3 from assignment 3 be excluded from being in the pool of questions drawn for the final. Our justification for this is is a really long problem. We are of the opinion that the same content can be assessed with other problems more expediently.

Thank you for your consideration
This is not a proper reason to exclude a problem and I don't think this is a very lengthy problem. You should be able to easily answer this within 30-35 minutes because you should have worked it out already.
Question by AME536A Student
With all due respect Professor, you could apply that logic to all of the problems which were assigned. In theory, every single student should have completed the assignments. But at that point, in my interpretation, the final becomes a test of being able to memorize and regurgitate. Granted, I may just not understand a more fundamental objective that you have but that what it appears to me as just a student.
The final exam is a test of being able to solve the problems correctly. First, make sure you can solve the problems correctly. Once this is done, “memorizing” them should be a breeze. I have excluded some problems in previous years 536A-B final exams, but those were limited to derivations.
Question by AME536A Student
Given that homework set #11 is due on the 7th, how will the feedback turn around look for the assignment?
If more than 80% of you file 536A reports, I'll explain how to solve the A11Q1 problem in class on Tuesday. So far, the response rate is 35%.
Question by AME536A Student
Would it be reasonable to have Bernoulli's Equation for potential flow added to the tables?

$\frac{\partial \phi}{\partial t} + \frac{1}{2}\vec{v}\cdot\vec{v} + \frac{P}{\rho} + F_{B} = g(t)$
Yes it's a good addition. I'll add it.
Question by AME536A Student
Hi Dr. Parent, In one of the previous responses, you mentioned that in past semesters some derivations were excluded from the final. I'm just curious what the criteria was for a derivation to be excluded and if that criterion applies to any of the questions we have this semester? Thanks!
If it's a derivation done in class and that is lengthy and hard to remember then I can exclude it from the final.
Question by AME536A Student
Dr. Parent, would it be possible to exclude or shorten Q3 from HW 6? Upon reworking this problem, I've found that finding the air temperature when the pressure reaches 5 bar as well as when the liquid has been drained completely - along with the side task of proving that enthalpy is conserved along a streamline - takes quite a bit of time. If it is not possible to exclude this question entirely, would it be possible to shorten it such that we would only need to find the air temperature at one of the provided conditions? Thank you for your consideration.
Yes this entire questions is lengthy. However, each part can be done within 30 minutes. So if I do ask you this question, I'll ask either part (a) or part (b) but not both. Proving that enthalpy is conserved on a streamline can be done shortly within 3-5 lines.
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