Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics Questions and Answers  
Question by AME536A Student
For homework #12 question #2, are we able to solve for lift and drag on the different sections of the air foil and sum them together? In addition, should the question include the value for L?
Question #2 is clear, just answer the question.
Question by AME536A Student
On assignment #12 on question #4, the answer given is for the drag coefficient right? If that's the case, I think that there is a mistake there and it should be $C_d=\frac{4m^2}{(2m-1)\sqrt{M_\infty^2-1}} \left( \frac{h}{t}\right)^2\frac{1}{\sqrt{\left( \frac{h}{t}\right)^2+1}}$.
Yes, the answer is for the drag coefficient. And yes, your answer is correct.
Question by AME536A Student
For the midterm exam, you excluded certain derivations as a possibility of being on the exam. Are these same exclusions applied to the Final Exam?
The problems A1Q1, A1Q3, A4Q1, A6Q1, A6Q2, A7Q3 are excluded from the final. All other problems given in the assignments are included.
Question by AME536A Student
Is the final at 10AM on Tuesday 12/17 in the normal room?
As noted in the Syllabus, the final exam is given at the time specified by UA: ... -fall-2019
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