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Question by AME536A Student
Is there any homework due on class 8/29/2019?
Question by AME536A Student
For Assignment #2 on question #1, I find that the surface area exposed to air pressure on the diagonal wall is related to the hypotenuse of the triangle, and thus is sqrt{L^2 + H^2}. The F=ma gravity component of the moment about the origin is related to L as well. As a result there is a big ugly equation with a relationship between L and L^2. Do I need to solve with a neat and tidy L=? Or can I leave the answer as something ugly like A*L^2 + BL + C = D?
This is too hard to read. I'll answer your question if you typeset it using correctly. Check out the mini HOWTO here: ... =13&t=1179
Question by AME536A Student
Are the answers shown on the bottom of the Homework #2 Assignment the correct answers? If they are the correct answers for the assignment, when do you hold office hours? I'm unsure of what I am doing wrong and would like to talk through it.
Sure you can come. Although my door is closed, I'm in my office almost all the time. Just knock. And yes, the answers are correct: work on the problems until you get the right answer.
Question by AME536A Student
On assignment #2 on question #4, what does the depth of the water have to do with the maximum buoyant force? If the river is infinitely deep, the maximum buoyant force will still only be related to the volume of the canoe. By depth, does the question mean "How deep the canoe's base is submerged into the water"?
Hint: check the definition of “floating” on Google.
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