Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics B Questions and Answers  
Question by Student AME536B
I am working on Assignment 4, Question 3, Part E:
The solution for the problem is
$\dot{m_A}=\frac{\rho_A D}{\mu_A}(\frac{\tau_i H^2}{18}-\frac{1}{81}\frac{\partial P}{\partial x})$
but this answer is not dimensionally homogeneous.
Shouldn't the answer be:
$\dot{m_A}=\frac{\rho_A D}{\mu_A}(\frac{\tau_i H^2}{18}-\frac{H^3}{81}\frac{\partial P}{\partial x})$
Yes that's correct. I fixed this typo in the answers.
Question by AME536A Student
I have a question about prob #3 in the assignment 3. Is the pressure gradient in the x-direction 0?
Yes, but you need to justify this.
Question by AME536A Student
In the prob #3 in the assignment 3, the external force to push piston in x-direction should be balanced with the shear force acting on the surface of piston?
Question by Student AME536B
For assignment 4, question #3(a), is it possible to find an explicit expression for the pressure distribution along $y$ with no unknowns in the expression?
Yes, the relative pressure (with respect to the pressure measured say at $x=0, y=0$), can be expressed as a function of $\partial P / \partial x$ and the known fluid properties such as viscosity and density only.
Question by Student AME536B
would you be willing to allow us to turn in HW #04 at 11:59 pm rather than 11:00 am tomorrow?
No, the deadline is at 11:00 am. Submit whatever you've got by 11:00 and you can do a revision and submit it a second time next week if you wish.
Question by AME536A Student
For prob #3 in the assignment 4, is there no pressure gradient in y-direction?
The pressure varies both along $x$ and along $y$. Thus, $P=P(x,y)$ as written in the answers.
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